Morgan Lodge at the Morgan Factory

In November 2019 the Morgan Lodge held a very successful weekend in Malvern, starting off on Friday afternoon with a Factory tour for 18 people given by Kenneth Wright one of our members who also works as a factory guide, it was thoroughly appreciated by all, I don’t know if the factory received any orders for new cars though.

This was followed on Saturday 15th November in the morning by our usual Lodge Meeting. Here we welcomed 15 guests.

Next on the list was a white table lunch for 58 people where we sat down to a wonderful ‘light’ lunch, we asked for a light lunch from our caterers but it was far too good and far too much but we managed.

After a walk around Malvern to walk off lunch it was time to get ready for the evening entertainment. This was billed as ‘An Evening of Nostalgia’ and it certainly turned out just like that. On the stage of the Visitor Centre of the Morgan Factory were the Trench Raiders, led by our own Kenneth Wright (busy man). The audience were the stars, 76 people, mainly dressed in period costume of the 2nd World War sang their hearts out. We all had song books and led by the Trench Raiders sang songs like Underneath the Arches, Wish me luck as you wave me Goodbye, Doing the Lambeth Walk and many many more. With a bar on hand and a super meal half way through the evening produced by the Visitor Centre caterers. 

It turned out to be a great weekend, raising over £1500 for the 2022 Festival.